Ashmont Boys Choir Camp

Our events offer a wonderful opportunity to connect with God, connect with ourselves and gather with friends & neighbors.  Join us any day of the week!

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Sunday Worship - 9:15am (Holy Eucharist Service, Rite II)

Coffee Hour - 10:20am


Morning Prayer - 8:30am

Essex Yoga Club - 5:30pm (All are teacher provided, simply folks and their mats.)


Silent Prayer - 8:15am

Contemporary Bible Discussion - 9:30am (Refreshments provided)

Community Pot Luck Supper - 6:00pm (All are welcome...friends, family, tourists, children, adults...bring a dish to share.)


Holy Eucharist Service -  8:30am

St. John's Meditation Group (World Community for Christian Meditation) -  5:00pm

Veterans Overcoming Wounds - 1st Wednesdays (monthly) 7:00pm


Morning Prayer  - 8:30am


Morning Prayer - 8:30am

St. John's Supper Club - 6pm (Join us as we gather to enjoy food from around the world...our featured menu changes each Friday. Bring a salad or beverage to share and a jacket for the courtyard!)

“St. John’s Church...providing a spiritual haven, a safe space within which to explore and nurture our
relationship with God, each other, and our neighbors.”



Worship Time: 9:15am Sunday   •   Click for Directions »