Veterans Overcoming Wounds (VOW)

1STWednesdays of each month at 7pm

For more information, call Father Craig Hacker (518-963-4657)

The first Wednesday of each month, St. John’s Church hosts a meeting of healing for combat zone veterans. Those seeking to resolve past traumatic memories through a program of sharing as comrades in fellowship, humor, hope and prayer...VOW.

The goal of this group is to break the chains of the past which have deprived us of sleep, close relationships, recreation and trust in those near us. And, have driven us to seek comfort through drug and/or alcohol addiction, seclusion, anger and violent reactions.

It is a sanctuary of peace and healing through the love God has for each of us.

Each meeting begins with selected scriptures and insights, a brief introduction of those present, the selection of a stress-related topic, discussion of needs, prayers for our needs and healing. Individual discussion, prayers and healing are available throughout the evening.


                                                                             PROJECT SANCTUARY VIDEO    

PROJECT SANCTUARY supports military families where they are right NOW. After years of working with military families, we have become a recognized leader in bringing health and wellness to our military families. By addressing mental health first, we take our families from battle ready to family ready.


All military/veteran families who contact us, or who are referred to us, are first assessed to determine if they need support and services now (i.e., immediate help) or if they may be scheduled for a retreat. Both options are geared toward reconnecting the families to each other and to their communities. All services provided are intended to help the families thrive today and into the future. All of our services are provided free of charge to participating military families.

The needs of the military family go far beyond the “popular” belief of needing discounts, recognition or a free concert. In many cases the military family is in crisis—dealing with painful mental health issues, critical financial instability or volatile marriages and home life.









“St. John’s Church...providing a spiritual haven, a safe space within which to explore and nurture our relationship with God, each other, and our neighbors.”

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